Repurpose Your Jewelry Into a New Design

Were you gifted or inherited beautiful diamond or gold jewelry, but its placed in safe or drawer hiding its fire and brilliance for the world to admire. Journey Jewelers understands that grandma or aunt sally’s jewelry fit them perfectly. However, its just not your style and don’t feel comfy wearing. Bring those jewelry pieces and let our design specialist help you recreate a new design that you are proud to wear and it fits your style comfortably. We love hearing stories of generational jewelry and all the memories they played in the former owners journey. Design an exquisite style of jewelry and make new memories for you and your wonderful family. #madeinoklahomajewelry

Repurposed Jewelry

Our wonderful guest had inherited these rings. She was honored to receive them, but they weren’t her style. She kept them in a jewelry box. One day she decided to repurpose the gold and diamonds to custom design a wedding set that complimented her style. She visited Journey Jewelers after learning that they specialize in repurposing family jewelry.

CAD rendering

After talking to our guest and learning about her style likes and dislikes Robert the jewelry guide helped her come up with a design. She loved the idea and our CAD technician started working his computer magic to make the idea come to fruition. Above is a back of the house look once the ring is put together.

Repurposed engagement ring and wedding set

Viola! Our guest decided on only doing 3 rings instead of 5. Here is the rendering ( a digital picture). Thanks to technology our guest can view the ring in rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold. We can show the design with diamonds or colored stones too. This helps our fabulous guests get a look at how the ring will look when its completed. Minor modifications can be made before the ring is 3D printed. Some of our guests stop by to view the wax model before it is casted into gold, silver, or platinum.

Journey Jewelers Custom Design Portfolio

3 diamond halo engagement ring
3 Stone CAD Picture Render
Swirl diamond fashion ring
diamond infinity ring
East to west marquise ring
side view east to west ring
Cushion cut Sapphire engagement
Lab created sapphire ring

The Journey Jewelers team would love the opportunity to work with you on making something new out of your inherited jewelry. We understand jewelry making isn’t something you do every day, and that it can feel intimidating coming into a Jewelry store and speaking with a guest service member. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable so you can ask us the questions you have. The more information we get the better the chances to find a design that you will adore. If you have designs you found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Esty please show us. This helps us know your style. Many times, we are able to take certain elements from 2-3 designs and incorporate them into one.

The Journey Jewelers team are not salespeople. Our family began in the repair side of the jewelry business. We don’t persuade you to buy or have something made you don’t want. We take pride in our work and want you to tell the world about your experience with us. We like to make our guest’s feel comfortable and enjoy getting to know them. We are not all business and only care about numbers. Journey Jewelers is about building relationships. We want to design engagement and wedding jewelry for your children at due time. We want to custom make legacy jewelry for your family to pass down to future generations. We see that jewelry is like a trophy because it showcases those victories, achievement, and milestones on your life’s journey.

Our team loves to help find solutions for our guests, and if we don’t have an answer we will research and find an answer. You might be wondering but how much does it cost. That is a great question, but prices vary for every ring. Some guests may not have enough gold or diamonds and we would need to supply. Other times they may have a lot of yellow gold but want the design in white gold and we can give a credit on the yellow gold and supply white gold. Each design has different scenarios but Journey Jewelers can supply what is needed. Our custom design price starts at $700.00. 

Journey Jewelers has a CAD technician who will design the ring on the computer. We really enjoy using technology because it helps us, and our guest’s see the design on the computer screen. We want to make sure we are all on the same page, so that when the ring is complete it’s just what our guest wanted and that your new jewelry item takes your breath away. The CAD fee is $199.00 and you pay this before CAD design has begun. If after making the CAD you aren’t happy with the design all you pay is the $199.00 fee. We can stop the design here. However, if you love the design the next step is a 50% nonrefundable deposit. You can come into the store to make your deposit payment, or we can email or text you an invoice and you can pay on your mobile device or computer. Why nonrefundable? The reason is that our team has put in labor in making the ring. Labor isn’t a physical product that Journey Jewelers could return. Our craftsmen are very talented and deserve to be compensated for investing their time, talent, and experience. The final payment is made at pickup when your beautiful ring is ready. The turnaround time from start to finish is 4-6 weeks but most designs are completed in 30 days.

Please text or call if you have questions or want to make an appointment to visit with Robert the Jewelry Guide. The number is 405.537.5686 or hit one of the pop-up buttons. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to learn about our redesign process. Our team looks forward to visiting with you. 

Shopping locally helps great Oklahoma based businesses like ours continue to grow, but also help support local churches, food resource centers, homeless agency’s, and foster care organizations.  Each week Journey Jewelers donates 10% of its proceeds to a church or organization that takes care of Oklahomans by Oklahomans. We love how neighborly our state is and want to contribute so these wonderful agencies and organizations continue to help and grow. Thanks for being an outstanding Oklahoman! To those who visit thanks for spending your hard earn dollars in our great state.