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The rings are at…

20141122_011903410_iOSThe other day one of my father’s loyal guest came in to have some prongs re-tipped. Our customer always calls to setup an appointment and take advantage of our Express Service which is repair while you wait, and she is always a pleasure to serve and visit with. We were sharing stories about how our parents or grandparents leave us jewelry that remind us of them. She mentioned that her husband did not like to wear jewelry but that she loved diamond and gold jewelry and would make him buy some for himself. One year he got her a diamond wedding band and later she decided to make a matching band for him. Many years later he passed and she disbursed his jewelry to their children to remember their father. One of her sons got the wedding band she had made and gave her diamond band to his wife so they would have the matching set. Occasionally, they send photos to her of the wedding bands with the title “The rings are at” the park, dinner, the movies, and so forth. I could see how excited she was that they were enjoying the jewelry she and her husband gave them. I felt like each time she got a photo it would remind her of the journey she had with her husband.

I just love talking with our guests and hearing stories about their jewelry and the significance it carries with them; as well as the new memories it will make. This is the reason why we chose JOURNEY in our business name. We want to hear those stories but we also want to help make new memories for life events down the road. We want to be your family jeweler and grow with you as you graduate high school or college, propose, get married, welcome a new family member, get that promotion, retire, or remember a love one after their journey has ended. Our passion is to help our guests find the right piece of jewelry for all of life’s moments, so that one day you too will have a wonderful story to share.

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