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The Perfect Ring

20150110_165043032_iOSLast month a gentleman came in looking for an engagement mounting to set his diamond in. After we talked for several minutes he thanks me for the way I treated him and his friend. He said they had been to a few stores that day and no one tried to help them out. He assumed it was because the stores wanted him to buy a center diamond from them. After working with our guest for a few days we were able to agree on a price and close the sale. This gentleman was a very nice young man who was at a local college near our store. We were able to build a relationship with our guest and find out how he found his sweet heart. This is my favorite part of my job is getting to hear love stories and helping find elegant treasure for their loved ones. They met at a Bible camp during the summer; however, she lived in Kansas and he was in college here in Moore Ok. I could see how much he loved her by his expressions on his face.

A few weeks later his friend came by and we talked about the gentleman who bought the ring from us. Another great story arose and it was that his friend was studying to become a preacher, and that recently his grandfather had passed and left him some money. With the cash he received he paid his tuition for college and books and what remained he purchased the diamond and mounting. I was so excited to be able to help such a great young man and be apart of his new journey in life. This is why my father and I started Journey Jewelers to help find the perfect ring or jewelry for special moments such as these. We want our jewelry to tell wonderful stories such as these for 5, 10, 20, 30, or more years.



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