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The Strand That Made It Home


Pearl Strand  This week I had the great pleasure to work with an extraordinary guest. She contacted me late Tuesday evening because she was on the search for a pearl necklace to gift to her daughter this weekend. I asked some questions about what she was looking for and I went to work. After sending her a few pictures of pearl necklaces she gave me more feedback and detail of what she was looking for. On Wednesday evening we had found a winner, so I placed the order and I informed our guest that we should receive it on Thursday. However, when I got to work on Thursday to track our package it still had not left the UPS facility in Louisiana. I contacted her and informed that we would not receive it today because of the inclement weather. Later that day the company I ordered from sent us an email stating that UPS and FedEx had closed their offices due to bad weather and that pending on the weather Friday it would ship out. This made me very nervous because our guest and myself had put in a lot of work to find the right piece of jewelry. I really wanted to be the jeweler who she utilized for her gift because this is what Journey Jewelers is about.  I contacted our guest immediately and informed her we may receive it Friday. She later replied when would be the latest time we would expect the package. I went online to track the package and discovered THE PACKAGE WAS ALREADY AT THE UPS FACILITY IN OKLAHOMA CITY. I was very excited  and informed her it was in OKC. She replied YAY!!! I have received the package today and I am so ecstatic to deliver the perfect strand of pearls.


Here at Journey Jewelers we pride ourselves in helping individuals search for the perfect jewelry gift. We believe that having great communication is vital to our business. If you are looking for a special piece in the future please contact us at, via phone at 405.759.2889, or in person at our store and ask for Robert. Everyone always needs an extraordinary jewelers friendship to aid in the search for a gift of celebration, sorrow, or forgiveness. I hope to earn your trust and build a relationship that will last throughout your journey.