Custom Jewelry Design

Have you been thinking about designing a custom engagement ring, but are nervous about walking into a jewelry store and feeling incompetent. Jewelry making should be fun and it’s our job to guide you through this exciting part of your journey. We hope the information found on this page will help with your goals of building a gorgeous bridal ring.
Did you know successful people hire experts to help them make the best decision. There is a lot of information on-line about any topic that can overwhelm anyone. So they find the best professionals to advise them. This helps extraordinary individuals like you make the best decision faster.  We hope you will hire the Journey Jewelers team to advise you and design a divine custom made engagement ring. Please don’t feel intimidated because this is unknown territory. Our mission is to welcome you and treat you as part of the family. We want you to be comfortable asking questions, and feel like you are at your best friends home. 

Questions to consider when making a ring.

*Occupation: depending on your partners career certain style may work better. A good example is a Doctor or Nurse. Their line of work requires them to constantly wear gloves, so a ring that is high based could cause a glove to tear and put your partners health at risk. Recommendation: bezel set stones do not have prongs and are smooth. No worries about ripping a glove and is also easy to slide the gloves on and off over ring. Another good option is a ring with low based setting. 
Prongs with high set diamond
Bezel set engagement ring
* Style of jewelry your companion wears. You want your lover to be proud of the engagement ring you designed. 
1. What color of jewelry do they wear the most? Yellow, White, or Rose.
2. When picking out a style keep your partner in mind. It’s about all the things he or she like. If you design a ring on your likes your future soul mate may not be very proud of the ring you built. Why you ask. Let’s say your companion loves the color yellow. Y’all went shopping and she had you try on a yellow shirt. She absolutely loved the color on you, and you looked fabulous. However, you don’t like how that color looks on you. You might buy the shirt to make them happy but you don’t wear the shirt. You maybe even hide it in your closet because you don’t feel comfortable in that color. 
3. Have you checked out their Instagram or Pintrest? These are wonderful resources to get ideas on their wants. If your companion hasn’t mentioned her dream diamond shape then do some investigating. If you go on Pintrest she will have a wall and chances are high if shes thinking y’all will get hitched soon she has been looking for engagement rings. Is there a theme? Do you see mostly oval diamond engagement rings on her wall? Chances are she is desiring an oval diamond in her lovely engagement ring. 
Our team loves designing beautiful pieces for our wonderful guests. We take pride in saying our jewelry is made in Oklahoma . Don’t just go to any store and pick up an engagement ring that many individuals have held and tried on. Express to you partner how you went on an adventure to find the perfect ring. That you thought about her wants, needs, and desires. That you wanted to express how much your forever partner meant to you through this quest to find the prettiest and most shiniest ring. That you wouldn’t settle for any ring but the best one. Just like you chose the best partner for the rest of life’s journey. 
Roberto the friendly jewelry guide makes it easy for you to custom design engagement rings. Using computer technology allows our guest (client) to view a picture rendering of how the engagement ring will look before the wax model is 3D printed. The pictures will show different angles of the ring, and it will be in the color of metal you want rose, yellow, or white. This is where changes to the ring can be made. Journey Jewelers can make up to 3 modifications at no additional charge. Once picture rendering is approved the magic begins. The resin (wax) model is 3D printed.  You have the option to view the resin (wax) model in person; however, most of our wonderful guest’s (clients) decline. Next, our fabulous Jeweler and co-owner Mr. Sanchez will prepare to cast ring in the metal of your choice: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver. We can also make bridal rings in platinum but we send resin (wax) to a casting house. Platinum uses extreme temperatures and Journey Jewelers is more comfortable having other experts in our industry cast in platinum. The next step is to remove the spruce (metal tree) from ring, file, sand, polish, and prepare the area where stones will be set.  Once all stones are mounted the engagement ring is polished to have a bright and shiny finish. The last step is to inspect ring and make sure no scratches are present, check all the stones are nice and tight; if we find loose gemstones or diamonds our Jeweler will tighten. The final step is touch up with high polish noticeable areas and make sure ring is in excellent condition to wow our guest (client). 
3 diamond halo engagement ring
CAD (picture) Rendering
3 Stone CAD Picture Render
3d Resin