Earring Repair

broke stud earrings

Kiddo, mommy might be upset right now but she understands accidents happen. Let her know that the wonderful goldsmith’s at Journey Jewelers can have her favorite diamond stud earrings fixed very quickly. Don’t forget to tell her you are very sorry and will be extra careful next time. 

different type of earrings

The best way to fix broken earrings is to take them to a professional jeweler. Earrings are very small and delicate and trying to D.I.Y or be a youtube jeweler can cause more harm than good. Give your stunning earrings the best care and bring them to Journey Jewelers in South OKC. Please call or text for a free quote. 

Our Jeweler is very experienced in all styles of earrings. He is able to fix broken stems and posts, reset diamonds or gemstones in in stud earrings, and fix most hoop earrings.

Yellow gold earring back
Protecktor Earring System $150

Highly recommended earring back and post system. The backs have two buttons that you must press so it released from the post. Screw back earrings work ok but they tend to unscrew and back falls off. Many people complain of loosing the back and some have even lost their diamond stud earring. This is the best system and highly recommended by our jeweler.