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Don’t just go to any store and pick up an engagement ring that many individuals have held and tried on. Design your stunning fiancée a gorgeous ring that will be made to her specific ring size. Let her know how extra loved she is by having it made to her desires.

Psssttt check their Pintrest page to get ideas and inspiration on a design they will love. Remember a Phantom Rolls Royce is preordered and customizable to your specs. Every one in town would be envious of such a unique, exotic, and luxurious vehicle. A uniquely designed engagement ring expresses your commitment, time, and value to your partner. 

Redesign Jewelry

We love hearing stories of generational jewelry and all the memories they played in the former owners journey. Design an exquisite style of jewelry and make new memories for you and your wonderful family. #jewelrymadeinoklahoma


They were able to get my fiancés ring resized the same day! They even cleaned the engagement ring, all at a very reasonable price. The people working there are great and easy to talk with. Very sincere and real. I look forward to taking them the next jewelry piece I need done. Also, a plus that their location isn’t crammed into 19th St.
Vanessa Erikson

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