The rings are at…

20141122_011903410_iOSThe other day one of my father’s loyal guest came in to have some prongs re-tipped. Our customer always calls to setup an appointment and take advantage of our Express Service which is repair while you wait, and she is always a pleasure to serve and visit with. We were sharing stories about how our parents or grandparents leave us jewelry that remind us of them. She mentioned that her husband did not like to wear jewelry but that she loved diamond and gold jewelry and would make him buy some for himself. One year he got her a diamond wedding band and later she decided to make a matching band for him. Many years later he passed and she disbursed his jewelry to their children to remember their father. One of her sons got the wedding band she had made and gave her diamond band to his wife so they would have the matching set. Occasionally, they send photos to her of the wedding bands with the title “The rings are at” the park, dinner, the movies, and so forth. I could see how excited she was that they were enjoying the jewelry she and her husband gave them. I felt like each time she got a photo it would remind her of the journey she had with her husband.

I just love talking with our guests and hearing stories about their jewelry and the significance it carries with them; as well as the new memories it will make. This is the reason why we chose JOURNEY in our business name. We want to hear those stories but we also want to help make new memories for life events down the road. We want to be your family jeweler and grow with you as you graduate high school or college, propose, get married, welcome a new family member, get that promotion, retire, or remember a love one after their journey has ended. Our passion is to help our guests find the right piece of jewelry for all of life’s moments, so that one day you too will have a wonderful story to share.

The Strand That Made It Home


Pearl Strand  This week I had the great pleasure to work with an extraordinary guest. She contacted me late Tuesday evening because she was on the search for a pearl necklace to gift to her daughter this weekend. I asked some questions about what she was looking for and I went to work. After sending her a few pictures of pearl necklaces she gave me more feedback and detail of what she was looking for. On Wednesday evening we had found a winner, so I placed the order and I informed our guest that we should receive it on Thursday. However, when I got to work on Thursday to track our package it still had not left the UPS facility in Louisiana. I contacted her and informed that we would not receive it today because of the inclement weather. Later that day the company I ordered from sent us an email stating that UPS and FedEx had closed their offices due to bad weather and that pending on the weather Friday it would ship out. This made me very nervous because our guest and myself had put in a lot of work to find the right piece of jewelry. I really wanted to be the jeweler who she utilized for her gift because this is what Journey Jewelers is about.  I contacted our guest immediately and informed her we may receive it Friday. She later replied when would be the latest time we would expect the package. I went online to track the package and discovered THE PACKAGE WAS ALREADY AT THE UPS FACILITY IN OKLAHOMA CITY. I was very excited  and informed her it was in OKC. She replied YAY!!! I have received the package today and I am so ecstatic to deliver the perfect strand of pearls.


Here at Journey Jewelers we pride ourselves in helping individuals search for the perfect jewelry gift. We believe that having great communication is vital to our business. If you are looking for a special piece in the future please contact us at, via phone at 405.759.2889, or in person at our store and ask for Robert. Everyone always needs an extraordinary jewelers friendship to aid in the search for a gift of celebration, sorrow, or forgiveness. I hope to earn your trust and build a relationship that will last throughout your journey.



The Perfect Ring

20150110_165043032_iOSLast month a gentleman came in looking for an engagement mounting to set his diamond in. After we talked for several minutes he thanks me for the way I treated him and his friend. He said they had been to a few stores that day and no one tried to help them out. He assumed it was because the stores wanted him to buy a center diamond from them. After working with our guest for a few days we were able to agree on a price and close the sale. This gentleman was a very nice young man who was at a local college near our store. We were able to build a relationship with our guest and find out how he found his sweet heart. This is my favorite part of my job is getting to hear love stories and helping find elegant treasure for their loved ones. They met at a Bible camp during the summer; however, she lived in Kansas and he was in college here in Moore Ok. I could see how much he loved her by his expressions on his face.

A few weeks later his friend came by and we talked about the gentleman who bought the ring from us. Another great story arose and it was that his friend was studying to become a preacher, and that recently his grandfather had passed and left him some money. With the cash he received he paid his tuition for college and books and what remained he purchased the diamond and mounting. I was so excited to be able to help such a great young man and be apart of his new journey in life. This is why my father and I started Journey Jewelers to help find the perfect ring or jewelry for special moments such as these. We want our jewelry to tell wonderful stories such as these for 5, 10, 20, 30, or more years.



Proposal Problem: We Can Fix It

Screenshot (280)The speed and flexibility of having an in-store jeweler is one of the aspects that separates Journey Jewelers from other fine jewelers. Along with our commitment to commemorate our guests special moments in life with jewelry being able to repair, resize, and restore valuable pieces is very important. For example, one of our guests was a recently relocated man from Florida. He had just flown in a few days prior to visiting our store. He said he had proposed to his girlfriend the night before but the ring was too big for her finger. That night, he searched through Google to find a jeweler near him and found Journey Jewelers . He was attracted to our store because we offered same day ring sizing. We were able to resize his ring within three hours instead of the usual one week to two week waiting period. Having an in-store jeweler allows us to perform our own repair and refinishing services instead of using third party organizations. We were very excited to be able to help one of our guests in a timely manner and even more excited when we got to see how happy it made him. We hope that we can bring the same experience to all our guests and appreciate everyone who comes to us for their jewelry needs.


Warm regards,

Journey Jewelers Staff

Join Us On Our Journey

Hello, and welcome to the new website for Journey Jewelers. We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us as we set out to establish our new business as leaders in jewelry retail. Journey Jewelers is not new to the jewelry industry, however, we have transitioned from a company that mainly focused on business to business transactions. Our master jeweler and co-owner Robert Sanchez Sr. established himself as a trustworthy and professional jeweler by servicing many of the repair and custom jewelry jobs for many of the local jewelry stores in Oklahoma City. We now want to focus on bringing the same expertise and quality craftsmanship to the public by removing the middleman and offering our services to the public with greater awareness. We are committed to bringing the highest quality craftsmanship to all of our jewelry repair services and look forward to being able to offer the best value in jewelry selection to all of our guests. We love being able to work with our guests and provide them with their desired pieces at affordable prices and we crave to see the excitement that accompanies the pieces we work with. For more about Journey Jewelers and the story behind the name follow this link. Thank you for choosing Journey Jewelers as your dedicated jewelry destination. We look forward to bringing happiness and excitement to your life.

Warm regards,

Journey Jewelers Staff