Our Story

20141022_192401000_iOSJourney Jewelers has been a family owned and operated business for over 18 years. Master Jeweler and co-owner Roberto Sanchez Sr. began his career when he got married in 1982 to Delia Sanchez and began their life as a married couple. They rented a home in South Oklahoma City and, by chance, the landlord had a shop in his garage where he fixed jewelry. That is when Mr. Sanchez began his apprenticeship as a jeweler. After working in a meat factory for several hours a day Mr. Sanchez would go to visit Señor Miranda and learn the concepts of stone setting, ring sizing, and custom jewelry design. After two years of learning the trade, Señor Miranda offered him a full time position at Bartolo’s Jewelry Repair where Mr. Sanchez worked for 12 years. During his time at Bartolo’s, Mr. Sanchez learned the importance of attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and superior customer service which makes each piece of jewelry very special.

In 1995 Roberto opened up his own jewelry store, called Sanchez Jewelry Repair, in south Oklahoma City. Every day after school his son and co-owner of Journey Jewelers, Robert Sanchez Jr., would head over to Sanchez Jewelry to learn the trade of his father. After graduating High school Robert became a full time jeweler and made it his goal to expand the family business. In 2011, Robert graduated from The University of Central Oklahoma and received his Bachelor of Business Administration.

Mr. Sanchez and Robert have invested time, money, and years’ worth of effort towards their goal of expanding their family business, and in September 2014 finally realized their goal by opening Journey Jewelers in Moore, Oklahoma. The goal of Journey Jewelers is to provide their customers with jewelry designed to last through all of life’s journeys by using the best quality gemstones and precious metals, all at affordable prices. Let us help you find or craft the perfect piece of jewelry for that special person you value so much. With a nice selection of fine jewelry we offer engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond earrings, and much more. We can also help you create a custom piece in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Journey Jewelers believes that great communication with our guest is key to making the custom piece just like our guest dreamed. That is why our jewelers are on site and available to interact with our guests. This also allows us to do on site jewelry repair and allows us to have most items fixed within a few hours. We hope to create the jewelry you will use to commemorate your next milestone in life and thank you for allowing us the opportunity.