With over 30 years experience our in store jeweler is dedicated to integrating exceptional quality into every piece he works on. Journey Jewelers goal is to provide quality craftsmanship in a prompt time frame. Most jewelry repairs can be completed within three to four hours. We understand that your jewelry is very close and personal, so we don’t keep it away from you for very long.

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We are committed to creating and maintaining the special pieces that mark the milestones in our guests life. That is why at Journey Jewelers we are proud to offer fast and affordable jewelry repair services to our guest’s. Our services include rhodium plating, stone setting, jewelry cleaning, and same day ring sizing.

Ring Sizing | Rhodium Plating | Pearl Restring | Clasp Repair | Chain and Bracelet Repair

Our Bench Jeweler is well rounded in all types of jewelry repair. Check out some of his work on the slideshow below. Sometimes we receive phone calls and the individual on the line wants to know an estimate to repair an item. We love helping our guests and when a repair sounds complicated we ask them to text us a picture of the item they would like repaired. This option gives us the opportunity to see the area that needs to be fixed and provide an accurate quote. Feel free to reach us via text at 405.357.9472

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Ring Stuck?

Sometimes due to an injury or allergic reaction your ring will need to be cut off. If it is an emergency please go to the Emergency Room immediately. However, another option is to stop at Journey Jewelers and let our team cut off the ring. We will do our best to do the least damage to your ring as well as make you feel comfortable during the process. After the swelling goes down we can repair your ring. This service is $49.95 but when you return to Journey Jewelers to have our jeweler repair your ring you receive a $20.00 credit on repairing ring. When you bring your ring to a professional jeweler to be removed you save money on repairing it later. Emergency Room staff and fire fighters are trained to remove it but often cause much more damage to ring like breaking diamonds or gemstones and the cost to repair is much higher. Please call or text for an appointment on this service 405.537.5686.